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The Official Cities In Motion F.A.Q

What is Cities in Motion?
Cities in Motion is a game about public transport. You get to design and manage public transport networks in various European cities throughout the years.

Where can I purchase Cities in Motion?
Cities in Motion is available on Steam, GamersGate and also as a physical copy in many countries. Check the purchase information from here: http://www.citiesinmotion.com/buy
I’m having problems installing/running the game, what should I do?
First, uninstall any demo and beta versions you might have on your computer. These are the most common cause of problems. If you still have trouble, please visit the Cities in Motion Technical Support forum on Paradox Forums. http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?602-Tech-Support
Will there be more content for the game?
We are hard at work making downloadable content to enhance the game. There are also bigger plans, but they will be announced later on. You can already find a few vehicle packs and there are lots of maps made by players available here: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?603-User-Modifications
Are there any mods for Cities in Motion?
Yes! There are many mods made by players. You can for example modify the capacity of vehicles, add more options for moving the camera or change the citizens’ names to American style. More mods are released frequently, so check the forum often and add your own, or discuss good ideas for future mods.
I created a map and would like to share it with other players, what should I do?
Maps can be shared on the Cities in Motion forum, but you can only post links to the files. You can store the map files in RapidShare or Dropbox, for example. There are lots of great maps out there, so make sure to post a few pictures of your map to get it the attention it deserves!
I can’t see Technical Support forum. What’s wrong?
To be able to see the sub-forum, you have to register your game and create an account for the forums. Without an account, you can only view the general Cities in Motion forum.
How do I register my game?
First, create an account on the Paradox forums if you don’t have one yet. Log in and check the top of the forum page for a link named “My Games”. Go there and enter your key that came with Cities in Motion. You may have to scroll down a bit to find it. If the key seems too long, just leave out the last digits.
Paradox does not send you any spam messages. Registering the game only adds a game icon next to your forum avatar and gives you access to the Technical Support sub-forum.
I’m having difficulties with the map editor, can you help me?
There’s an excellent thread about the map editor. It has lots of possibilities, but can also be quite complicated. You can add your questions to the thread, if you can’t find an answer. You can find the thread here: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?522974-Questions-about-the-Map-editor
My lines don’t get passengers/I have too many passengers waiting on a stop/How do I know where to build stops?
There are many ways to play Cities in Motion, not all are equal but usually there is more than one solution to any problem. Maybe the ticket prices aren’t right? Has the price of gasoline or electricity gone up? Perhaps you should take a loan to add new lines? Recession could be affecting your company? The tutorial mission gives you lots of information regarding the game and the manual is also helpful.

There are many useful hints and tips on the forums. The developers visit the forums often, so if none of the players happen to know the answer, the “devs” sure will. Steam forums are also covered, but Paradox forums have more active users at the moment, so it’s more likely you will find the answers you seek there. Here are the links to both:

Forum Users Cities In Motion  F.A.Q

01. Staff and Wages
Drivers: they drive the company vehicle.
Low salary means they will leave the station before every body gets in, making passengers angry and stations full.
High salary means the "turnaround" at the stops will be much faster.
Inspectors: they check the vehicles from time to time to see if anybody is riding without the proper ticket.
Low salary means they won't make a good job trying to get people that try to ride without paying. So, you will earn less money with fines.
Technicians: they make maintenance in the vehicles.
Low salary, means your vehicle will take longer to recover from a breakdown.
Officers: they are the paper guys. Do marketing, finance, take care of the paper when you buy and sell vehicles, etc. Office stuff.
Low salary means worst reputation for you.

02. How many times a passenger commute?
OlaHaldor: passangers can take as many lines they like to get from A to B, but only if they think it's faster than driving their own car.

03. The life of a vehicle. (Vehicle maintenance budget and it's implications).
Tram Espen 1, with 50% of vehicle maintenance budget, goes from 100% to 89% condition in 1 year.
Tram Espen 1, with 95% of vehicle maintenance budget, goes from 100% to 93% condition in 1 year.
Conclusion: vehicle maintenance do change the rate vehicles get bad. Also changes attractivenesses and likelihood to break down.

04. Having a bigger budget for vehicle maintenance is understandable, what about station maintenance?
From the manual:
[...] making your stops clean and safe through regular maintenance will make them more attractive to your customers.

05. If someone leave the vehicle with angry (red) face, for any reason, they will stop using the public transport?
No, they will keep using it. But too many people unsatisfied with your services will low your reputation.

06. Only people in the covered area use my services?
People that are a bit far from your station coverage area can also use your services. They will walk to and from outside the coverage area.

07. How long can someone walk to get a line? And to commute?
Outside the coverage, very little. 1 block maximum.

08. People will use the line to go very near?
I've seeing people getting a tram just to go 2 and a half blocks.

09. What's up with the Fires? Why they show as red in the news sticker like they are very important, and they are also in the Annual Review of the company?
From the forum:
Scheldje: Reason the fire part is important, is the fire department will close down the roads near it, so if you have a line close to it, expect a (huge) delay.

10. How many times a passenger pays for the entire trip?
Unknown. Need to follow several people in order to get a number that is statistically valid.
If you are willing to do this, some information may help:
There are cheaters in the game. You pay wages for Inspectors and there are Fines in your Profit column. So the game manage to make some percentage of people to not pay and eventually get caught. Those variables are changed by economic situation and wage of your inspectors.
So, when following people, you will find some that don't pay for the ticket; not because they already paid a previous ride, but because they are cheaters.  A person can also pay the first ride and don't pay the second. Maybe people pay for type of transportation for 1 trip, or he just decided to cheat in the second ride. As said, need to follow several people to get a number statistically valid.

11. If I build the ultimate public transportation system, with coverage in every centimeter of the map with low prices and outstanding reputation, everybody will be happy forever and no cars will exist in the world?
Unfortunately no. Some people work outside the town, and for them, you are nothing. Other people just prefer their cars, just like in the real world.

12. What's with the colour code on the circle-shaped coverage when you're placing stops?
From the forum:
Illanair: The coverage ring when you place a station or stop is an estimate of the range of which your station/stop will service. The colours shown on the buildings goes from red "no coverage" to bright green "full coverage" - however buildings on the edge of the ring will still get some small amount of coverage, even if they display as red.